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Solid perfume & cologne


It all started with two problems. My sensitive skin and my passion for perfumes. I never experienced skin problems prior to pregnancy. Two children later and the idea of perfumes suitable for my skin became an infatuation. I love the concept of solid perfumes as they provide my skin with intense moisturisation, and my preference for designer fragrances has led me to develop a selection of perfumes and colognes. I hand pour my fragrances in small batches with considerable passion and this is only the beginning of my venture. I’m working on a range of unisex skin care and hair products and can’t wait to share my incredible results. With a love for the environment, I ensure all my products to be plant-based, earth-friendly and use minimal waste. Join me on this journey and experience a more sensual way of wearing your fragrance.

Katy xx

Nkdscent founder